PTO Shaft Suppliers In South Africa

What is a PTO Shaft?

The Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft is an efficient means of transferring mechanical power between farm tractors and implements. Download Save for later Print Available in Spanish.

PTO Shaft Suppliers In South Africa

What is the standard tractor PTO shaft size?

The most common tractor Power Take-Off (PTO) size for modern compacts is 1 3/8” diameter shaft.

How do you identify a PTO shaft?

The simplest way to figure out whether a PTO is North American or metric is to determine the shape of the tubing and shafting. 

A PTO is domestic if the tubing/shafting is square, rectangle, hex or splined. If the tubing/shafting is bell, lemon or star-shaped, then it is metric.

What size is a 1000 rpm PTO shaft?

For full-power PTO requirements, use 45-mm (1-3/4-in.) 1000-rpm PTO, for such applications as grain carts, rotovators, and silage choppers.

Use the 35-mm (1-3/8-in.) 1000-rpm PTO shaft on implements requiring less than 150 PTO hp such as manure spreaders and rotary cutters.

What kind of steel is a PTO shaft?

20CrMnTi carburized steel

It consists of a solid 20CrMnTi carburized steel universal joint and a Q345 steel tube inside the shield. The PTO shaft is durable and robust when working with various agricultural machinery.

Is PTO speed the same as engine rpm?

Most current-production tractors have the tachometer marked for the engine speed that will provide the 540-rpm or 1,000-rpm speeds for the PTO. 

The PTO speed is independent of the ground speed of the tractor. PTO-powered machinery needs to operate at the specified speed to operate as designed, with rare exceptions.

What is the risk of a PTO shaft?

Risks. When a tractor’s rotating PTO output stub and shaft are not guarded properly (Figure 1), hands, feet, legs, hair, jewelry or clothing can be caught in the rotating parts of the machine. Where proper guarding is not provided, there is a risk of the following occurring: amputations.