Proximity Sensor Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Proximity Sensor?

A proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. A proximity sensor often emits an electromagnetic field or a beam of electromagnetic radiation and looks for changes in the field or return signal.

Proximity Sensor Suppliers In South Africa

Pal Distributers CC

Address: Unit 14-3, Ridgeview Office Park, 248 Kent Ave, Ferndale, 2160, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Phone: +27 11 781 4381

SICK Automation Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd.

Address: 24 Eagle Lane, Lanseria, 1748, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Phone: +27 10 060 0550

Switchers International

Address: Hyskraan Cl, Kya Sand, Randburg, 2163, South Africa

Phone: +27 10 591 9920

Countapulse Controls Pty Ltd

Address: 313 Jules St, Malvern, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 3 pm

Phone: +27 11 615 7556

Mernok Elektronik Pty Ltd

Address: 53 Adriana Cres, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion, 0157, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 4 pm

Phone: +27 12 661 4828

IFM Electronic

Address: Corporate Park, 112 Sovereign Dr, Route 21 Business Park, Centurion, 0157, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Phone: +27 12 450 0400

Directlogic Automation

Address: 57 Marinda Ave, Clubview, Centurion, 0014, South Africa

Areas served: South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 pm

Phone: +27 12 654 6212

Fogarty Electronics (Pty) Ltd

Address: 362 Umbilo Rd, Umbilo, Berea, 4075, South Africa

Hours:Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 pm

Phone: +27 31 205 9547

Is proximity sensor good quality in South Africa?

Manufacturers in South Africa provide high-quality products at highly competitive prices. This makes them one of the most cost-effective options available today.

What is the most reliable proximity sensor?

Through-beam photoelectric sensors are the most reliable class of photoelectric sensors. In through-beam sensors, the receiver and emitter are in separate housings. The emitter provides a constant beam of light and when an object interrupts that beam, it gets detected.

Are all proximity sensors the same?

The main types of proximity sensors are inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic, and photoelectric sensors. Inductive sensors detect metallic objects by generating an electromagnetic field and measuring changes in the field when a metallic object is brought near.

What is the maximum sensing distance of a proximity sensor?

Inductive proximity sensors enable the detection, without contact, of metal objects at distances of up to 60 mm.

Their range of applications is very extensive and includes the monitoring of machine parts (cams, mechanical stops, etc.), monitoring the flow of metal parts, counting, etc.

What is the minimum distance for proximity sensor?

Proximity Sensor, Sensing Distance: 0.5 M – 1 M.

How fast can a proximity sensor work?

Proximity sensors generally detect objects at distances from 10 mm down to 2 mm. Dc versions respond more quickly than ac versions because they can operate at upwards of 3,000 to 4,000 Hz. Many types of photoelectric sensors can respond even faster than inductive proximity versions.