Potchefstroom College of Agriculture Courses or Programmes Offered

Potchefstroom College of Agriculture Courses or Programmes Offered

Courses or Programmes Offered

The Potchefstroom College of Agriculture is situated on the site of the Agricultural Centre at Potchefstroom.

Programmes and courses are offered at the Higher Education and Training level (NQF level 5-6) and Further Education and Training level (NQF level 1-4) on request.

The College is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) to offer the Higher Education programmes to full-time registered students.

Further education programmes in the form of short courses and skills programmes are offered to farmers and farm workers through registration with Agriseta on request. Language of instruction is English and Afrikaans for the Higher Education programmes, with continuous interpretation support by professional interpreters during lectures. Notes are available in English and Afrikaans.

For the Further Education and Training programmes the language of instruction is English/Afrikaans/Setswana, depending on needs.

The programmes offered are aimed at mixed agriculture in the highveld region of South Africa, to satisfy the needs of prospective farmers and the agricultural industry.

The programmes make provision for Plant Production, Animal Production, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Management and Computer skills.

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