Polyvinyl Alcohol Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Polyvinyl Alcohol?

Poly is a water-soluble synthetic polymer. It has the idealized formula [CH₂CH]ₙ. It is used in papermaking, textile warp sizing, as a thickener and emulsion stabilizer in polyvinyl acetate adhesive formulations, in a variety of coatings, and 3D printing. It is colorless and odorless.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Suppliers In South Africa

What are the trade names for polyvinyl alcohol?

Polyvinyl alcohol

Other names PVOH; Poly(Ethenol), Ethenol, homopolymer; PVA; Polyviol; Vinol; Alvyl; Alcotex; Covol; Gelvatol; Lemol; Mowiol; Mowiflex, Alcotex, Elvanol, Gelvatol, Lemol, Mowiol, Nelfilcon A, Polyviol und Rhodoviol
CAS Number9002-89-5

What is polyvinyl alcohol used for?

PVA is used in sizing agents that give greater strength to textile yarns and make paper more resistant to oils and greases. It is also employed as a component of adhesives and emulsifiers, as a water-soluble protective film, and as a starting material for the preparation of other resins.

What are the problems with polyvinyl alcohol?

PVA/PVOH films like detergent pods and sheets are especially prone to causing pollution because they are discharged directly into your home’s wastewater system.

From there, polluted water is sent back into the ground through your septic, cesspool, or sewer system (and in this case, usually to a sewage treatment plant).

What products are made from polyvinyl alcohol?

Products Containing Polyvinyl Alcohol

  • around-eye cream (2)
  • baby shampoo (1)
  • baby soap (1)
  • bar soap (2)
  • bath oil/salts/soak (9)
  • body art (1)
  • body wash/cleanser (3)
  • bronzer/highlighter (3)

Is polyvinyl alcohol a preservative?

PVA is a plastic resin that contains Schaudinn’s fixative, which is used to preserve protozoan cysts and trophozoites for the preparation of permanent stained smears (2, 7).