PGCE (Art & Design) At University of Johannesburg‎ (UJ)

The Art and Design PGCE is a challenging and forward-looking programme which prepares students to teach across the 11–16 age range, encouraging them to

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is a professional teaching programme that `caps’ an undergraduate degree or an approved diploma. It offers entry-level initial professional preparation for qualifying undergraduate degree or diploma holders who wish to develop focused knowledge and skills as classroom teachers in a chosen phase(s) and/or subject(s). The qualification requires a specific depth and specialisation of knowledge, together with practical skills and workplace experience, to enable successful students to apply their learning as beginner teachers in schools in varying contexts.


Students who complete this programme will be able to:

  • Teach at least two school subjects in chosen phase(s) as per their qualification. Support and nurture learning and development in diverse educational contexts. Identify and address barriers to learning in the classroom.
  • Formulate a personal teaching philosophy and critically reflect on how it relates to a teacher’s professional role. 

To achieve the outcomes the programme integrates the knowledge mix of disciplinary, pedagogical, practical, and situational learning through the following in the programme:

  • Education and Teaching Studies (mainly disciplinary, pedagogical and situational learning): Includes a focus on the adolescent as learner, the teaching profession, education policies, communication, teaching as the practice of citizenship, classroom management and information and communication technologies for the teaching profession.
  • Teaching methodology and practicum (mainly pedagogical and practical learning with elements of situational learning): Teaching methodology and practicum are integrated. This implies that students will engage in learning frompractice, learning inpractice and learning fromservice, aiming at developing specialised pedagogical content knowledge and teaching competence in the chosen subject.
  • Even though the knowledge areas as indicated above are specified, the curriculum is organised to enable coherence and cohesiveness and an integration of theory and practice.

Durationoftheprogrammeandoffering: 1 Year (full time) or 2 years (part time)

The coursework will be offered in contact mode making use of a blended learning approach necessitating engagement with the curriculum and completion of some activities in an online environment. The practical experience (WIL) will be conducted at faculty partner schools.


To gain access to the PostgraduateCertificateinFurtherEducationandTraininPhase Teaching(FET)an applicant must have sufficient disciplinary knowledge in appropriate academic fields to enable the development of teaching specialisation phases and/or subjects as specified for each school phase. This is outlined as follows:

  •  A first degree on an NQF Level 7 with a minimum of 360 credits, and
  • Two school related subjects, both at 3rd year level.

To gain access to the PostGraduateCertificateinSeniorPhaseandFurtherEducationandTrainingTeaching(SPanFET)applicant must have sufficient disciplinary knowledge in appropriate academic fields to enable the development of teaching specialisation phases and/or subjects as specified for each school phase. This is outlined as follows:

  •  A first degree on NQF level 7 with a minimum of 360 credits, and
  • Two school related subjects, one on 3rd year level and one on 1st year level


  • An approved NationalDiplomaonlevel6withaminimumof360creditsfrom an accredited higher institution, and
  • Two school related subjects, one on 2nd-year level and one on 3rd-year level.

The National N Diploma cannot be considered for admission to the PGCE.

 Additional requirements for subject specialisations are listed in the relevanttables that follow. 

Languagecompetency:All qualifying PGCE students should be proficient in the use of at least one official South African language as a language of learning and teaching (LoLT), and partially proficient (i.e. sufficient for purposes of basic conversation) in at least one other official African language, or in South African Sign Language, as a language of conversational competence (LoCC). If the LoLT is English or Afrikaans, then the LoCC must be an African Language or South African Sign Language. All new certificates are to be endorsed to indicate the holder’s level of competence in specific languages by using appropriate labels, for example: LoLT (English) and LoCC (isiZulu). A UJ short learning programme (SLP) in isiZulu will be on offer at an additional cost to those that do not meet the language competency requirements. This SLP must be successfully completed for a PGCE student to graduate.

The following demonstrable competencies in LoCC will be accepted:

An African home language • Grade 12 school subject • Successful completion of the UJ short learning programme in IsiZulu or an equivalent certification from another institution.

ICTCompetency:All PGCE graduates must be digitally fluent requiring a high level of ICT competency. Where necessary, students that were identified lacking sufficient ICT skills will be required to complete an online short learning programme (SLP) in Basic computer skills. This SLP must be successfully completed for a PGCE student to graduate.


  • Fulfilling all the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee acceptance into a particular programme.
  • The faculty reserves the right to limit numbers in line with its enrolment targets. The Faculty of Education also reserves the right to cancel an application or registration in the event that there are insufficient student enrolments to ensure the availability of the electives in the PGCE programme. Students will be advised if they fall into the latter category and offered an alternative if they meet the minimum entry requirements.

Atypicalqualificationwillhavethefollowingcomponents:Table1: Programmecomponents

Education and Teaching Studies (ETS)YEAR 1Education and Teaching Studies (ETS)
(NoWILin Year1)
Introduction to Teaching (ITT)YEAR 2Introduction to Teaching (ITT)
Methodology and Practicum FETMethodology and Practicum FET
Methodology and Practicum FET/SPMethodology and Practicum FET/SP
Excursion (Compulsory)Excursion (Compulsory)
WIL(10weeks:Threeweeksin Semester1 andsevenconsecutiveweeksin Semester2)WIL(10weeks:Threeweeksin Semester1andseven consecutiveweeksin Semester2)
AdditionaltrainingrequiredforLoCCandICTif competenciesarenotin place
Language of conversational competency (LoCC)- Short learning programme (SLP) in isiZuluYEAR 1 / YEAR 2Language of conversational competency (LoCC) – Short learning programme (SLP) in isiZulu
ICT competency – Online short learning programme (SLP) in Basic computer skillsICT competency – Online short learning programme (SLP) in Basic computer skills

There are six areas of specialisation in this PGCE (SP and FET) qualification. Successful applicants can only be registered in ONE of the packages for which they meet the entry requirements.

A5SARQArts and Culture

SPSpecialisationpackagewithminimumrequirementsfortheMethodologyandPracticummodule A5SARQ 

AreaofspecialisationArtsandCulture ​
QualificationcodeA5SARQ ​
AdmissionrequirementsMethodologyandpracticum(SP)o  Arts and CultureFine Arts on 2nd year university level or one of the Design Arts on 2nd year university level.Methodologyandpracticum(FET)o  Design ArtsOne of the following fields on 3rd year university level:Digital design / Fashion and costume design /Graphic design /Industrial design / Information design, Information design / Interior design / Jewellery design / Textile design / Theatre set designo  Visual ArtsFine Arts on 3rd year university level​ ​See Table 1 for programme components (ETS; ITT; LoCC competency; ICT competency and the Excursion are compulsory for all packages)o In addition, two specific module options related to school subject areas must be selected from this package as set out below:
MethodologyandPracticum:Senior Phase (SP)
​ Arts and CultureMPSACY1
MethodologyandPracticum:Further Education and Training Phase (FET)​ Design ArtsMPFDAY1

OR ​
​ Visual ArtsMPFVAY1

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