Pet Coke Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Pet Coke?

Petroleum coke, abbreviated coke, pet coke or pet coke, is a final carbon-rich solid material that derives from oil refining and is one type of the group of fuels referred to as cokes.

Pet Coke Suppliers In South Africa

African Resources Company

Supplier : Kerosene colonial grade 54 jet fuel(jp54) kerosene colonial grade a1 (jet a1) fuel oil cst 180 urea46% prilled & granular mazut m100 export blend crude en590 10 ppm en590 50ppm petroleum coke d2 d6 export grade coal

Services :
Established: 2017

Contact Details:14748 Mugabe Street
South Africa

Contact Person: Asavela Designation: Managing Director
Phone: +97431352615

Lucas Trading

Supplier: Coal, coke, chrome ore

Standards: ISO6000

Contact Details:347 Silobela, Carolina
Mpumalanga 1185
South Africa

Za Market Import And Export

Buyer: Petroleum coke, charcoal, steam coal, CPC, graphite

Supplier: Petroleum coke, charcoal, steam coal, CPC, graphite

Established: 2010

Contact Details:3 Andrew Road, Southfield/Cape Town 07800Western Cape South Africa

How much is a ton of petcoke?

Per ton price of pet coke fell 10% M-O-M basis in June 2022, averaging around 254 USD/MT. On March 25, the price of petroleum coke in China increased dramatically. Shandong’s average market price was 4,851.25 RMB/MT, up 1.46% from the previous day’s price of 4,781.25 RMB/MT.

How is petcoke used in cement?

When petroleum coke is used in cement production, most of its sulfur can be fixed in cement clinker in the form of sulfate. In foreign countries, high-sulfur petroleum coke can be used safely and environmentally as the fuel for cement kiln calcination to meet the local emission requirements.

Is petcoke flammable?

No specific fire or explosion hazard. Fire-fighters should wear appropriate protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with a full face-piece operated in positive pressure mode. Use an extinguishing agent suitable for the surrounding fire. Do not use a water jet.