Pedrollo Pump Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Pedrollo Pump?

What is a Pedrollo pump used for?

Centrifugal pumps CP 0.25-2.2 kW | Pedrollo Spa

As a result of their reliability and the fact that they are easy to use, these pumps are widely used in domestic and civil applications such as the distribution of water in combination with small and medium-sized pressure sets, for transferring liquids, and for the irrigation of gardens and allotments.

Pedrollo Pump Suppliers In South Africa


Address: Freeway Park, Offices Unit 57, M5, Uppercamp Rd, Maitland, South Africa

Phone: +27 31 777 1629

Is Pedrollo a good brand?

Pedrollo produces a wide range of high-quality Italian-made pumps, suitable for a range of applications within the domestic, civil, and industrial sectors.

Their range of over 350 models includes Peripheral, Centrifugal & Self Priming pumps, as well as Submersibles.

Is the Pedrollo pump good quality in South Africa?

South Africa Pedrollo Pump is a premium brand and is considered to be a quality, long-lasting, efficient, and cost-effective purchase.

Are Pedrollo pumps good?

The Pedrollo TOP MULTI submersible pumps are suitable for use in applications such as domestic water supply from reservoirs, tanks, or relatively deep wells, for drawing rainwater from cisterns to water gardens, or for use in irrigation systems, etc as a result of their high efficiency and reliability.