Pastor permit in South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs is set to take a hard look at high-flying pastors who’ve moved to South Africa to run lucrative ministries.
Home Affairs Minister Siyabonga Cwele says his department is considering a review of their status as permanent residents.

A permanent residence permit for the Republic of South Africa can only be issued upon application from a foreigner, and such an application can only be considered if the applicant qualifies for either direct residence or qualifies for residence on other grounds.

Direct residence

Subject to section 25 of the Immigration Act, as amended, and any prescribed requirements, the Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs may issue a permanent residence permit to a foreigner who – 

Residence on other grounds

The Director-General of the Department of Home Affairs may, subject to any prescribed requirements, issue a permanent residence permit to a foreigner of good and sound character who –

Who does not qualify for a permanent residence permit?

A permanent residence permit shall be issued on condition that the applicant is neither a prohibited person nor undesirable person, in terms of the Immigration Act, as amended.

Furthermore, foreigners who do not intend emigrating i.e. who do not intend moving their main place of residence to the Republic of South Africa, shall not apply for permanent residence permits.

Here’s what you need to know about starting up your own church in South Africa.

If your primary motivation is to conduct religious gatherings, formal or informal, South Africa’s Constitution offers you full protection.

South Africans have the right to start a simple church in a backyard, living room, or much larger space with little to no paperwork and administrative requirements.

However, large churches that wish to open bank accounts, benefit from tax exemptions, raise funds, sell merchandise, and officiate marriages, must first register.

Churches and other faith-based organisations in South Africa operate as non-profit companies or organisations. Like any civil society organisation, a new church must officially register as such in order to become a legal entity.

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) manages the process of non-profit company registrations in South Africa, including churches. A non-profit company, registered without members, costs R475. A Memorandum of Incorporation for a standard non-profit company is R175.

There are several steps required in this process, depending on the exact nature of the organisation. Once submitted, the registration of the non-profit organisation should take 25 days. 

It’s also possible to register a faith-based organisation, such as a church, as a non-profit organisation.

Non-profit organisation registration is free, but it can take several months to complete.