Oxygen Regulator Suppliers In South Africa

Oxygen Regulator Suppliers In South Africa

Oxygen regulators are intended for the administration of oxygen to patients who are deemed by a physician to need increased oxygen levels to improve or stabilize their breathing conditions. It is a pressure-reducing device that lowers the pressure of the oxygen from a cylinder to a level that can safely be used.

Oxygen Regulator Suppliers In South Africa


Address: 111 Langkloof St, Albertsdal, Alberton, 1448, South Africa
Phone: +27 82 935 0783

Oxygen & General (Pty) Ltd T/a OxyGen Homecare

Address: and, Killdrummy Office Park,Dalmore Building Cnr Witkoppen, Umhlanga Ave, Paulshof, Sandton, 2191, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 234 7373

Portable Oxygen Concentrator – South Africa

Address: Jarons ,32 opp KFc Fatima Bhayat Street, 9 Walters St, Rosebank, 2196, South Africa

Phone: +27 14 592 5104

Limitless Health

Address: 6 Macbeth Ave, Fourways, Sandton, 2055, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 028 1122

Breathe Easy Medical (Pty) Ltd

Address: Next to Life Fourways Hospital, 49 Cedar Ave W, Craigavon, Sandton, 2191, South Africa

Phone: +27 61 472 2727


Address: Unit 1 14th Ave, Boksburg, Johannesburg, 1459, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 913 1385

Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd

Address: Unit 2, SUN PARK ESTATE, 178 Smit St, Fairland, Randburg, 2195, South Africa

Phone: +27 860 235 536

What is an oxygen regulator used for?

The regulator (sometimes called the adjustable regulator, flowmeter, or control valve) reduces, controls, and measures the flow of oxygen to the patient to ensure a safe and effective working pressure. The regulator and flowmeter usually are coupled together into one mechanical fitting on the oxygen tank.

What are the two types of oxygen regulators?

There are two types of oxygen regulators:

Conserving regulators. 

Continuous flow regulators.