Nurse Call System Suppliers In South Africa

Nurse Call System Suppliers In South Africa

Micro Nursecall Systems is a South African-based manufacturer of nurse call systems and is the leading supplier to the major hospital groups in Southern Africa.

A comprehensive range manufactured in our production facility is available directly from us or our distributors throughout the country. To provide the best possible service and product selection, contact us for a demonstration of all the latest available products.

Address: 465 Ontdekkers Rd, Florida Hills, Roodepoort, 1709, South Africa

Phone: +27 11 434 0301

How does a nurse call work?

Nurse call systems work by facilitating patient-nurse communication. They allow patients to notify nurses and caregivers when they need assistance or are in pain. These systems could also be connected to a Bed Pad Alarm, Smoke Detector Alarm, etc to alert nurses of emergencies or deteriorating conditions in patients.

What is a nurse call system called?

DESIGNED TO FIT THE NEEDS OF ANY FACILITY. You have a choice from four nurse call systems for hospitals. FYI, other commonly used names for nurse call are nurse call light, nurse call button, or call bell.

Why is the nurse call system important?

An excellent nurse call system can reduce time, expertise, and money losses. A nurse call system promptly records information that is accessible with one touch and transmits it to medical professionals. Nurse call systems providing timely patient care lead to fewer interruptions.