Mould Release Oil Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Mould Release Oil?

Mould Release Oil Suppliers In South Africa

What can I use instead of mold release?

Cooking spray: This is one of the best mold-release spray alternatives. Make sure to use non-stick cooking spray.

Petroleum jelly: Because of its thickness, petroleum jelly is best used as a mold release alternative for simple molds without any small corners or fine detail.

What are the problems with mold release oil?

Fire hazard: Flammable liquid and vapor. Hazardous decomposition products in case of fire: Toxic fumes may be released.

What is Mould Release Oil used for?

Mould Release Oil is specially formulated to ensure the quick and clean release of hardened concrete by reacting chemically with the cement at the surface.

It produces a uniform hard finish that is light in color and does not stain even white cement.