Mining Hose Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Mining Hose?

Mining Hose Suppliers In South Africa

As southern Africa’s largest manufacturer of large bore mining hoses and with immediate availability of small bore hoses through an extensive stock holding, 

Truco has become one of the largest mining hose suppliers in Africa, with over 60 large-scale mining projects depending on Truco.

What is a Mining Hose made of?

Trelleborg designs and manufactures specialty hoses for materials handling for abrasion resistance, slurry, water, and chemical applications.

Our specialty hand-built hoses are manufactured from high-quality rubber compounds including NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, and silicone.

How many types of Mining hoses are there?

Hose typeApplications
Y/Lateral/Tee piece mining hoseSlurry transport. Chemical, acid, and hydrocarbon transfer.
Hard-wall dredge hoseDredging
Self-floating dredge hoseDredging
Trunnion hoseCutter dredging.

How long do Mining hoses last?

So there you have it, you can expect a storage life of three to five years for your mining hose, or even longer, with proper storage precautions.