Metering Pump Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Metering Pump?

A metering pump moves a precise volume of liquid in a specified time period providing an accurate volumetric flow rate. 

Metering Pump Suppliers In South Africa

Dosing Systems Application

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Packaged Metering & Pumping Solutions

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Ecochem Pumps

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How do I choose a metering pump?

With that in mind, a metering pump should be sized so that the maximum expected flow rate is 85% to 90% of the pump’s capacity, which will leave room for additional capacity if needed.

The minimum capacity should never be less than 10% of the pump capacity to maintain accuracy.

What are the types of metering pumps?

The four most common types of metering pump systems are the diaphragm, bellows, peristaltic, and piston.

What is the range of metering pumps?

Each application that uses a metering pump has a different required pressure. In the case of water treatment, low pressure is needed at under 100 psi.

Other applications, such as oil and gas production, require pressures that can exceed 20,000 psi.