Medical Device Manufacturing Companies In South Africa

What is a Medical Device?

medical device is any device intended to be used for medical purposes. Significant potential for hazards is inherent

when using a device for medical purposes and thus medical devices must be proven safe and effective with reasonable assurance before regulating governments allow the marketing of the device in their country.

Medical Device Manufacturing Companies In South Africa?



AMS Healthcare (PTY) LTD. AXIM.

Advanced Global Medical Solutions.

Akacia Medical and Healthcare Group.

Anstem Medical.

Augustine Medical South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

BSafe HOCl (Pty) Ltd.

Who is the best medical device manufacturer in South Africa?

Some of the leading medical device companies in South Africa include Medtronic, Siemens Healthineers, GE Healthcare, and Philips Healthcare.

These companies are committed to innovation and research to continuously improve the quality of healthcare in the country.

How big is the medical device market in South Africa?

The largest market segment in South Africa is Medical Devices, with a projected market volume of US$2.81bn in 2024.

It is anticipated that the revenue in this segment will experience an annual growth rate of 4.41% between 2024 and 2028, resulting in a market volume of US$3.97bn by 2028.