Marriage Officer Registration In South Africa

Who is a Marriage Officer?

A Marriage Officer is a minister of a religious body (Christian or Muslim) who has been duly licensed and gazetted to perform marriages.

Marriage Officer Registration In South Africa

If you are motivated by the idea of helping couples celebrate their love in a meaningful and personal way, while also promoting secular values, apply to SASS and become a humanist marriage officer. 

Becoming a humanist marriage officer is a fulfilling calling for individuals who are passionate about humanism and promoting secular values. Humanist marriage officers are responsible for conducting humanist weddings, which are non-religious and focus on the couple’s personal beliefs and values.

An officiant (or celebrant) can perform other secular humanist ceremonies like funerals, child naming, coming of age, and other rituals. A wedding is the only service for which the officiant must be registered; without registration, a marriage is not deemed legal.

SASS is registered by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to designate members as Marriage Officers under the Civil Union Act, thus providing a secular avenue for non-religious South Africans to marry.

All SASS Marriage Officers conduct both heterosexual and same-sex marriages. In this way, SASS upholds South Africa’s secular Constitution and protects the rights of secular citizens.

Please read the following carefully before applying:

  • All applicants must read the SASS Mission Statement and Ethos. Should your views, beliefs, or conscience not align, please do not apply, as you will not be accepted.
  • If you practice any religion, please do not apply: you will not be granted a panel interview, nor be accepted as a SASS member.
  • The process typically takes 9–12 months, and includes:
    • a panel interview (with a presentation from the applicant),
    • study material on secularism,
    • study material required by the Department of Home Affairs for
    • the certification exam.
    • a successful second interview with SASS at the end of 6 months
    • Candidates are then put forward to the Department of Home Affairs to write the exam.  This requires a thorough understanding of the Civil Union Act 17  of 2006 with a minimum pass mark of 75%.
  • Applicants and designated SASS Marriage Officers are expected to attend SASS General Meetings, participate in SASS projects, and pay membership dues.

How much does a marriage officer cost in South Africa?

Starting from R3500. You are only doing this once, so let’s do it right! If you would like to customize your ceremony and maybe have a friend or family member participate.

This is the way to go if you are looking for a wedding ceremony including the legal registration thereof.

Can a marriage officer marry foreigners in South Africa?

During the interview, all the documents needed to marry a foreigner in South Africa will also be considered.

If the interview is successful, the Department of Home Affairs will issue the couple with a letter. This letter gives the marriage officer permission to sign off their marriage documents.