Luxury Cars In South Africa

What is a Luxury Car?

A luxury car is a car that provides above-average to high-end levels of comfort, features, and equipment. Often more expensive materials and surface finishes are used, and buyers expect better build quality.

Luxury Cars In South Africa

As of 2023, the most expensive luxury car in South Africa, was the Maserati MC20, with a high price tag of 6.9 million South African rand (around 365 thousand U.S. dollars).

The Ferrari 296 GTB followed close behind, costing 6.8 million South African rand (about 360 thousand U.S. dollars).

Which car sells the most in South Africa?


Top selling car brands in South Africa 2023, by number of units sold. As of August 2023, Toyota was the best-selling carmaker in South Africa, registering 12,704 sold units. Volkswagen Group ranked second, with 6,316 vehicles sold. Suzuki followed placing third, with 4,478 units sold.

Which car is fuel efficient in South Africa?


1Suzuki DZire 1.24.9
2Honda Amaze 1.25.6
3Kia Pegas 1.45.7