List Of Veterinary Technician Schools In South Africa

eterinary technicians assist veterinarians, similar to the way nurses assist doctors. They conduct medical examinations, diagnose illnesses and provide healthcare to animals. Becoming a veterinary technician entails completion of a formal veterinary technology degree program and obtaining certification or licensure.

Aspiring veterinary technicians can earn either an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree from a program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). As of September 2016, there were 228 AVMA-accredited veterinary technology programs, of which 24 offered bachelor’s degrees and nine offered distance-learning options.

Below are the list of Veterinary Technician Schools in South Africa

University of Pretoria – Faculty of Veterinary Science

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

TUT – Veterinary technology

Vet Tech Institute

How do I become a veterinary technician?

To become a veterinary technologist, you must attain a 4-year bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology. You must also pass a credentialing exam and become licensed, registered, or certified depending on the state to which they are employed.

What school subjects are needed to become a vet in South Africa?

What subjects do vet students study in first year?

  • Academic and Information Management.
  • General Chemistry.
  • Language and Study Skills.
  • Mathematics.
  • Medical Terminology.
  • Molecular and Cell Biology.
  • Physics for Biology Students.

How long is the veterinary assistant course?

Associate’s-level programs generally take two years or less to complete, while bachelor’s degrees take four years. A veterinary assistant certificate program can usually be finished in a year or less.

How much does a vet earn in South Africa?

The average salary for a Veterinarian is R 744 181 per year in South Africa.

How long does it take to become a vet in South Africa?

Since 2011, students who are already enrolled in the programme will need 3 years to complete the BSc (Veterinary Biology) degree and another 4 years for the 4-year BVSc degree; a total of 7 years.

Can Vet assistants draw blood?

Veterinary assistants care for animals under the supervision of a veterinarian or veterinary technician. Vet assistants, as they’re often called, sometimes also perform lab work, such as drawing blood and collecting urine samples.

How do you become a certified vet tech?

5 Steps to Becoming a Vet Tech

  1. Step 1 Complete an AS degree in veterinary technology.
  2. Step 2 Pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam.
  3. Step 3 Become a member of NAVTA.
  4. Step 4 Find a job in a veterinary clinic.
  5. Step 5 Maintain certification.