List of special schools in south africa

List of special Schools In South Africa

A special school is a school catering for students who have special educational needs due to learning difficulties, physical disabilities or behavioral problems. Special schools may be specifically designed, staffed and resourced to provide appropriate special education for children with additional needs.

Batavia Special Needs School

Eros School

Carpe Diem School

Westcliff Special Secondary School

Parkland Special School

Roedean School SA

Thuthukani Special School

Dawn School

Athlone School for the Blind

Astra School

Crossroads School

Tembaletu LSEN School

Magalies Special School

Jan Kriel School

GlenBridge Special School and Resource Centre

Bridge House School

Van Kervel School

Vera School for learners with Autism

Forest Town School

Weskus Special School

What qualifies a child for special education?

Additionally, in order to qualify for an IEP, the law requires that a child must meet at least one of thirteen educational disability classifications under IDEA. Rather, the special education services are based on the child’s individual needs.

How many special schools are there in South Africa?

It reported there are 464 special schools in South Africa and another 715 “full service” schools that make some sort of provision for children with disabilities.

What are special needs schools?

special needs school is one that is segregated from a regular school. It can be non-public, meaning that it is privately run but publicly funded, or it can be a private school, either for profit or non-profit. Special needs school serve many students with different types and severities of learning disabilities.

How do I become a special education teacher in South Africa?

There are 2 ways of becoming a Special Needs Teacher:

  • ONE:

Bachelor of Education (BEd): Special Needs Education

  • TWO:

Complete a Bachelor’s degree followed by a Postgraduate Diploma: Management of Childhood Disabilities.

These can be done at most SA universities.