List OF Political Science Schools In South Africa

If you are intrigued by current events, political science is worth considering as a major. Political science majors study how laws are made, and the comparative structures of governments across the world. They learn how public policy is formulated and the impact of policy on the social and economic status of the populace.

Political science is a social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, and political behavior.

Where to Study Political Science In South Africa

Here is the List Of Political Science Schools In South Africa

Political Sciences | University of Pretoria

Department of Political Sciences – Unisa

University of the Witwatersrand Department of Political Science

Political Science At Stellenbosch University

Political Studies At University Of Cape Town

Department of Political Studies – UWC

Politics and International Relations UJ

Political Science – UFS

What are the subjects needed for political science?

Courses in psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology are all useful. Geography is another useful subject, and these days so is environmental science. History has traditionally been a very important foundation for political science, so be sure to include some of that.

How long does it take to study political science In South Africa?

A degree/undergraduate courses in political science take four years

A Masters Degree program in Political Science generally takes two to three years to complete and is a more in-depth study of the broader topics covered in an Undergraduate Political Science curriculum.

Does political science require math?

They use many different types of math to get a grasp of a community’s needs. These include computer science, database management, statistics and economics. Some of the math required for a political science degree is college algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus I and II and statistics.

Where can I work if I study political science?

1. Policy Analyst

2. Legislative Assistant

3. Public Relations Specialist

4. Social Media Manager

5. Marketing Research Analyst

6. Political Consultant

7. Attorney

8. Intelligence Analyst

9. Political Campaign Staff

10. College-Student Leadership and Activities Directors

How do I become a political analyst?

An aspiring political analyst needs a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in political science, foreign affairs, history, international relations, or other related majors to obtain a job in the field. Some positions may require candidates to have a graduate degree and/or 2-8 years of experience