List of music schools in south africa

List of music schools in south africa – There are several music schools in south Africa offering fantastic musical courses for anyone who want to pursue a music career.

A music school is an educational institution specialized in the study, training and research of music. Such an institution can also be known as a school of music, music academy, music faculty, college of music, music department (of a larger institution), conservatory or conservatoire.

Below are the lists of music schools in south Africa

Shine School of Music

Phoenix Benedict Music Academy

EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute

Musical Minds

Jamrock Theatre And Music Performance Academy

MMMA Music Academy

Revolution Media College

The Music School Umhlanga Durban

Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre

The South African musical theatre academy

Progressive Music, Dance & Art School

Nu-Song Music Drama & Art School

Anua School of Music & Performing ARTS

How many years does it take to study music?

A Bachelor of Music (BM) is the most common degree and usually takes four years to complete. It can include specializations in performance, composition, history, theory, jazz studies, music production, church music, and music technology. Most of the curriculum revolves around music theory, history, and performance.

What jobs can you get with a music degree?

Music graduates would be well suited to the following jobs:

  • private music teacher.
  • music therapist.
  • secondary school teacher.
  • television production assistant.
  • programme researcher.
  • arts administrator.
  • editorial assistant.
  • marketing assistant.

How long is music school?

The time required to complete music degrees is generally not much different from degrees in other fields, i.e. 3–4 years for a Bachelor of Music degree, 1–2 years for a Master of Music degree, and 3–5 years for a Doctor of Musical Arts or Doctor of Music Degree.

Do music schools care about grades?

Universities with music schools attached are unique from independent music schools in that, generally speaking, they do care about the students having a competitive GPA. Keep in mind that while this is not always the case, it is in the case of many university-based programs.