List Of Manicure Schools In South Africa

manicurist or nail technician is a person whose occupation is to style and shape a person’s nails. This is achieved using a combination of decorating nails with colored varnish, transfers, gems or glitter.

Where To Study Manicure Courses In South Africa?

Below is the list of Manicure schools in South Africa

Beauty Therapy Institute – Sorbet

Magnetic Nail Academy

Make-up, Beauty & Nail Courses | Face to Face

Nail Courses – Young Nails

Planet Nails Training Schools

Cape Nail And Beauty Academy

The Image Cartel Nail and Lash Academy

The Nail Guru

Hydro International College Beauty Nail Technology

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa

Sparkle Nail Academy | Study Nail Technology

How much does a manicurist school cost?

Nail Technology School Average Costs, According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), nail tech training programs cost $3,000 to $10,000. Many programs, however, average $1,000 to $5,000 (including tuition, fees, books, and supplies).

How long is a manicurist course?

Depending on your state’s minimum training requirements, and whether you’re attending school full-time or part-time, the nail tech training program can typically be completed in 3 to 9 months. A small handful of states allow apprenticeships as a way to get your training.

Do manicurist make good money?

Nail Technicians made a median salary of $23,230 in 2017. The best-paid 25 percent made $27,040 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $20,730.

How much does a manicurist earn in South Africa?

According to, the average salary for a Nail Technician is R 5 366 per month in South Africa.

Do nail salons make a lot of money?

Pino notes that nail techs make $40,000 to $60,000 per year, thanks to a combination of an hourly wage that averages $15/hour, tips that average $7/hour and commission on retail sales in the shop. A manicure costs $20. But it might not be easy to scale or even make a profit in nail salons.

Can anyone be a manicurist?

To become a nail technician, you will need to have a high school diploma or GED, be at least 16 or 17 years old, complete a nail technology or manicure program, and pass a licensing exam.

What are the tools of manicure?

The 12 Most Essential Mani-Pedi Tools For You

  • Nail Cutter
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Cuticle Nipper
  • Nail Buffer
  • Nail File
  • Pumice Stone/ Foot File
  • Nail Brush
  • Toe Separator
  • Orangewood Stick
  • Mild Scrub
  • Pediklear
  • Callus Remover