List Of German Settlers In South Africa

GERMAN SETTLERS German traders and missionaries began settling on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea during the thirteenth century.

Find below are the list of German Settlers In South Africa

German Settlers Memorial

Are there a lot of Germans in South Africa?

South Africa is home to a large number of people of German descent. In late February 2019, The Local reported that 6,090 South Africans were living in Germany compared to South African communities in Canada (14,530), United Kingdom (117,225) and Australia (13,500).

Why are Germans in South Africa?

Germany chose to take over South Africa because they were following in the lead of of France and Great Britain who also had empires in Africa. Germany was particularly interested in the economic possibilities that South Africa had to offer in diamond and copper farming.

Who were the first immigrants to South Africa?

The Historical Development of Migration since the 18th Century. A decisive era in South Africa’s history of migration was the systematic colonization of the present-day Republic of South Africa by the Dutch starting in 1652 and by the British starting in 1795.

How many Germans live in Capetown?

Often the move to a warmer climate is desired. Therefore, immigration to South Africa is at the top of the German list – in Cape Town alone, the German community comprises up to 60,000 people.

Was South Africa a German colony?

German South West Africa (German: Deutsch-Südwestafrika) was a colony of the German Empire from 1884 until 1915, though Germany did not officially recognize its loss of this territory until the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. The colony had a population of around 2,600 Germans.