List Of Draping Schools In South Africa

Draping is a great way to enhance any event. Draping can cover unsightly areas, change the colour palette of an event space or stand as a backdrop to a main table at a wedding or a stage.

Below are the list of Draping Schools in South Africa

Decor Exquis Draping School

SA School of Wedding Certificate in Event & Wedding Draping

Jofla Events Event Decoration & Draping Training

Lea Draping

What is draping method?

Draping technique is the technique which means the way of fabric hanging. The method of draping includes stitching the garment by the use of loosely hanging material to create o flowing effect. Draping technique is generally used in making garments but can also be used to develop skirts, blouses and pants.

What is the importance of draping?

Draping is considered to develop the structure of designed garment. It is a technique to hang fabric on mannequin. The process of draping is to position the fabric and pin it in a dress form. It is a very useful and time saving method for a fashion designer.

How do you start draping?

Playing With Fabric: Draping on a Dress Form

  1. Prep your dress form.
  2. Work from a sketch or photograph.
  3. Start with muslin.
  4. Create your foundation piece and pin it to your dress form.
  5. Start pinning!
  6. Baste the fabric to the foundation piece.
  7. Trim off any excess fabric and continue constructing your garment.

What fabric is best for draping?

You can see that fabrics like organza and organdy, even though they are light and sheer, are quite stiff, whereas a light fabric like chiffon has a great deal of drape. Denim is usually both stiff and heavy.