List Of Drag line Training Schools In South Africa

A dragline excavator is a large machine used to unearth dirt and other materials from construction sites and mining areas. The machine uses a large bucket strung between two towers with a wire rope. The bucket can be maneuvered and lowered down to collect earth and other materials from the ground.

A dragline operator’s main responsibility is to manage the levers that control the dragline excavator. You use controls to lower the bucket down to the ground and then drag it along in a straight path to gather materials. You’re also responsible for emptying the bucket of its materials in a dump operation. You may also be responsible for providing light maintenance or adjustments to a dragline machine.

Where to Study Dragline Operations In South Africa?

Find below the schools and institutions that offer dragline training in South Africa.

Hill Training Solutions

Komatsu Dragline Maintenance Training Programs

SA Mining and Operator Training College

Dragline Training Simulators – Immersive Technologies

How do draglines work?

dragline bucket system consists of a large bucket that is suspended from a boom (a large truss-like structure) with wire ropes. The bucket is maneuvered by means of a number of ropes and chains. The hoist rope, powered by large diesel or electric motors, supports the bucket and hoist-coupler assembly from the boom.

What Education and Training Might I Need?

Many contractors may choose to hire you as a dragline operator and then provide you with training on-the-job. In such a case, you’d learn from supervisors and coworkers how to operate the controls of a dragline and use the machine to excavate materials from the ground. You’d also learn how to read construction markings, follow hand signals and safely move materials around in small or confined spaces.

You might also consider completing a certificate or associate’s degree program in heavy equipment operation at a community college or vocational school. Such a program should teach you how to follow safety regulations, use manual controls and read construction site markings.

Dragline Operator Salary in South Africa

According to payscale, The average salary for a Dragline Operator in South Africa is R392,102.

What Are Some Related Alternative Careers?

Instead of specializing in operating dragline equipment, you could get a job controlling another type of machine on a construction site, you could get a job as a paving equipment operator, where you would run machines that lay down and spread asphalt or concrete for road-building projects.

Another option is to specialize in the operation of cranes, which lift and move heavy objects. Crane operators can work on construction sites, as well as ports, iron and steel mills. In order to become any kind of equipment operator, you need to have a high school diploma.