List Of Dental Assistant Schools In South Africa

Dental assistants prepare patients for oral examination and assist other dental workers, such as dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists, in providing treatment to the teeth, mouth and gums. Dental assistants also carry out reception and administration duties.

Dental assistants are members of the dental team. They may support a dental operator in providing more efficient dental treatment. Dental assistants are distinguished from other groups of dental auxiliaries by differing training, roles and patient scopes.

Where to Study Dental Assistant In South Africa

Cape Peninsula University of Technology. National Certificate: Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting – Central University of Technology

Durban University of Technology Dental Assisting

TUT Higher Certificate in Dental Assisting

What requirements are needed to become a dental assistant?

The educational requirements for DANB certification are that dental assistants must either have graduated from an accredited program or have a high school diploma and complete the required amount of work experience. Applicants also must have current certification in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

How much does a dental assistant course cost?

The average cost of dental assistant programs vary state-to-state and could be up to $7,560. Many dental assistant schools cost significantly more than WDAS’s tuition. Some training programs and courses also have other fees, including registration, exams, background checks, lab fees, and extra supplies.

How much does dental assistant earn in South Africa?

The average salary for a Dental Assistant is R 7 430 per month in South Africa.

How much do Dentist earn in South Africa?

A person working as a Dentist in South Africa typically earns around 75,141 ZAR per month. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.