List Of Cbse Schools In South Africa

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board of education in India for public and private schools, controlled and managed by Union Government of India.

What is a CBSE Curriculum

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) is a standardised curriculum offered in more than 24 countries across the world.As of 2016, the board had a total of 17,300 affiliated schools. Out of these 17,093 are located in India and 207 are located in different countries of the world. In 2016, a total 1,040,515 candidates were registered for class XII examination, which is a 1.1% increased rate of registrants compared to 2015.

Here are some salient features of this curriculum:

  • The syllabus is very structured and controlled. It makes use of standardized Textbooks.
  • No child can fail a class till 8th grade
  • Most entrance exams conducted in the country for college admission follow this syllabus.
  • Board exams are OPTIONAL in 10th grade and MANDATORY in 12th Grade
  • Favoured by those who constantly relocate within India or even abroad to countries in the Middle East etc and seek a standardized curriculum
  • Favoured by those who want to go into the traditional routes of Engineering/medical
  • Curriculum Focus at Secondary Level: This focuses on 7 major learning areas (Actual subjects offered will vary from school to school )
  • Humanities- Geography, History, Economics, Home Science, Sociology, Fine Arts, Political Science, Fashion Studies, Creative Writing and translation Studies and related subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology – Subjects related to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, ICT, Information Practices and Web and Multimedia Studies
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Visual and Performing arts – Dance, Drama, Music, Drawing, Painting, Crafts and Sculpture
  • Commerce – Business Studies, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Economics and related subjects
  • Below is the of Cbse Schools in South Africa

Nigel high school

Ocean View Secondary School

How many schools does South Africa have?

New Education Figures Released Pretoria, South Africa 2010: South Africa currently has over 12 million learners, some 386 600 teachers and approximately 26 000 schools, including 1 098 registered independent or privately owned schools.

How many schools are there in KZN?

The SNAP survey showed that there are 2 841 135 learners and 93 961 educators in ordinary public and independent schools in Kwa Zulu Natal. The number of educators quoted above includes part-time and substitute educators. This province has 6 178 functioning ordinary schools.

Which is the oldest school in South Africa?

SACS is the oldest high school in South Africa, founded in September 1829. It is arguably the most magnificent setting at the foot of Table Mountain and Devils peak.

What are the 3 types of curriculum?

There are three basic types of curriculum design—subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered design. Subject-centered curriculum design revolves around a particular subject matter or discipline, such as mathematics, literature or biology.

How many primary schools are there in South Africa?

To search all South Australia and Adelaide schools please use the map and form below. There are 785 schools in South Australia, with about 440 schools in Adelaide. The majority of Adelaide schools are government schools.