Liquid Nitrogen Tank Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Liquid Nitrogen Tank?

Liquid Nitrogen TanksA CL or CLPB liquid nitrogen tank is portable, safe, and convenient storage that works equally well for liquid argon or liquid oxygen. The CL Series tanks are not pressurized, while the CLPB tanks are self-pressurizing.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank Suppliers In South Africa

What is the cost of 1 Litre nitrogen?

Singhal Gas Products

UsageMin PriceMax Price
For Industrial PurposeRs 30/litreRs 80/litre
For Food PurposeRs 40/litreRs 70/litre

How much does it cost to fill a liquid nitrogen tank?

The cost is typically about $40-60 for a 60 pound tank. You have the option of buying a tank then taking it to one of those companies to fill, or if you use one of their tanks you pay a rental fee.

How many Litres is a nitrogen cylinder?

Survitec’s standard nitrogen cylinders are of 50L capacity, designed for a filling pressure of 200 bar, which results in an available capacity of 10 Nm3.

What are the sizes of nitrogen cylinders?

Some common nitrogen tank sizes include:

  • 20 cu ft. Height: 14” Diameter: 5.25”
  • 40 cu ft. Height: 18.5” Diameter: 6.75”
  • 80 cu ft Height: 33.0” Diameter: 7.27”
  • 125 cu ft Height: 42.72” Diameter: 7.25”
  • 200 cu ft Height: 50.5” Diameter: 9.0”