Lifebuoy Ring Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Lifebuoy Ring?

A lifebuoy is a life-saving buoy designed to be thrown to a person in water to provide buoyancy and prevent drowning. Some modern lifebuoys are fitted with one or more seawater-activated lights to aid rescue at night.

Lifebuoy Ring Suppliers In South Africa

What are the specifications of a lifebuoy ring?

Made from polyethylene, lifebuoy rings are of a vibrant color that can be easily visible in the dark blue water.

 The inner diameter and outer diameter are 400mm and 800mm, respectively, with a body thickness of 13cm.

What size are lifebuoy rings?

Lifebuoys (or life-saving rings) for water safety are available in two standard sizes – 24” or 30” diameters.

What is a lifebuoy ring made of?

Life rings are made from solid plastic or polyethylene that is resistant to extreme weather conditions and are filled with foam (polyurethane). Their construction must meet the SOLAS standards. A ring must have a buoyancy of 50N or more, to support a casualty in the water.

What is the use of a lifebuoy ring?

It is used to perform emergency rescues. Its buoyancy prevents drowning in case a person accidentally goes overboard into deep water.

Normally, the lifebuoy ring is thrown on the water body to assist the casualty to stay afloat by holding on to it and getting pulled out to safety by a rescuer.