Least Hijacked Cars In South Africa

What is a Hijacked Car?

Hijacked Car the theft of an automobile from its driver by force or intimidation. In the cities and suburbs, where muggings and carjackings are a daily concern, voters are wondering how many of the nation’s 200 million guns are pointed at them. 

Least Hijacked Cars In South Africa

Peugeot (308 model)

Alfa Romeo (Giulietta)

Volvo (V40)

Mitsubishi (Outlander)

Honda (Civic)

Nissan Infiniti (Q50)

Subaru (Outback)

Toyota Lexus (IS)

Citroen (C4 Picasso)

Risk Factors to Consider About Car Hijacking In South Africa

There are some questions you will need to ask and answer if you are looking to determine whether your existing car or a new model you are considering, is at risk of hijacking or theft:

  1. The popularity of your car

Just like it was stated above, theft rates of cars in South Africa is directly proportional to popularity. Hijackers don’t want your car so that they can keep it.

They either intend to sell the car as it is, or for parts, as soon as possible. Note that this makes more popular cars bigger targets.

  1. Security weak points

Keep in mind that carjackers are quick to catch on to security defects and exploit them. In April 2020, Ford owners across South Africa had their cars broken into or stolen en masse due to what seems to be particularly weak locks and other flaws in the built-in security system. Always ensure you are aware of any such issues before you buy.

Where is your Car Most Likely to Be Hijacked?

Drivers filling up their tanks at fuel stations are usually targeted by hijackers. These drivers are approached from their blind spots and forced out of their vehicles.

And most often, it is quite difficult and dangerous for petrol attendants to interfere since most carjackers tend to be armed.

Vehicle owners in South Africa are also sometimes approached at social spots by strangers who befriend them, later spike their drinks, and then steal their keys and make off with their vehicles. 

What Type of Vehicles are Most Likely to Be Hijacked?

In South Africa, have it in mind that you are far more likely to be carjacked in a hatchback or sedan than an SUV. Trucks and motorcycles are lower on the list of hijackers’ targets.

According to reliable reports by police minister Bheki Cele last year, about 5,245 sedans or hatchbacks were hijacked around the country between April 2019 and March 2020, with bakkies the second most hijacked type of vehicle at 2,200 cases, followed by taxis at 945 cases and trucks on 161 cases.

Which City Has the Highest Carjacking Crime Rate?

Most carjacking over the past few years tend to happen in Gauteng with 9,025 cases, followed by KwaZulu-Natal (3,041), Western Cape (2,760), Eastern Cape (1,111), Mpumalanga (999), North West (493), Limpopo (458) and Free State (241). The Northern Cape remains the province with the least number of carjacking at 34 cases.

Meanwhile, motorists were more or less likely to be hijacked on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 6pm and 9pm, and on a Friday or Saturday night between 9 pm and midnight.