Kraft Paper Bags Suppliers In South Africa

What is a Kraft Paper Bag?

Standard brown paper bags are made of Kraft paper, which is a paper material made of wood pulp produced during the Kraft process.

Brown Kraft paper is not bleached, which means it is a triple threat – biodegradable, compostable and recyclable! No wonder they’re such a great alternative to plastic.

Kraft Paper Bags Suppliers In South Africa

Paper Packaging Place

Address: 989 Meadowbrook Business Estate, Jacaranda Ave, Olivedale, Johannesburg, 2158, South Africa

Areas served: South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4:30 pm ⋅ Opens 8:30 am Wed

Phone: +27 11 462 2872

Lanpack Manufacturers CC

Address: 37 Packer Ave, Epping, Cape Town, 7460, South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4:30 pm ⋅ Opens 8 am Wed

Phone: +27 21 534 4301

Nu-pack Manufacturing (PTY) Ltd

Address: 28 Carlisle St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7405, South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4:30 pm ⋅ Opens 7:30 am Wed

Phone: +27 21 510 0290

Taurus Packaging Pty Ltd

Address: 33 Green Street, Isithebe, 4490, South Africa

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +27 32 459 2254

Africa Packaging

Address: Westlake Park, 38 Avalon Rd, Modderfontein, Lethabong, 1645, South Africa

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

Phone: +27 11 608 3468

Detpak South Africa PTY Ltd

Address: 32 Tiger Moth Rd, Aeroton, Johannesburg South, 2013, South Africa

Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 4:30 pm ⋅ Opens 8 am Wed

Phone: +27 11 077 0800

Is kraft paper good quality?

Kraft paper is a naturally degradable material. It is a kind of paper made of pulp or natural wood fiber. Kraft stands for “power” in German, so it also represents its quality, which is tenacity and scratch resistance. Kraft paper is 100% environmentally friendly.

Is kraft paper durable?

Of all packaging papers, kraft paper is the most durable and strongest. And it is used on occasions where maximum strength is required. Interestingly, the word kraft means strength in German, so it is safe to say the word is derived from the German word because it captures the durability and strength of the paper.

Is kraft paper good for packing?

Kraft paper is an excellent, sustainable packaging solution for anyone who ships or packages product. Kraft paper is bundled up or coiled, then packaged around a fragile product within a box or container to provide cushioning/protection. It can take many forms and is arguably the most versatile of packaging solutions.

Are paper bags kraft paper?

Standard brown paper bags are made from kraft paper. Tote-style paper carrier bags, such as those often used by department stores or as gift bags, can be made from any kind of paper, and come in any color. There are two different styles of handles for paper carrier bags: flat handles and cord handles.