How To Thicken Hair In South Africa

What is a Thicken Hair?

While many people confuse hair density (the number of hair strands located in a given area of the scalp) with thick hair, thickness is just the width of a single strand of hair.

Thick hair is generally clearly visible as a single strand, coarser to the touch, and has an average thickness of at least . 08 mm.

How To Thicken Hair In South Africa?

Eat a Balanced Diet.

Maintain Hydration Levels.

Go For the Chop.

Look After Your Scalp.

Brushing Techniques.

Don’t Over-Wash.

Choose the Right Products.

Style it Right.

What is the best treatment to thicken your hair?

This could include a topical plan, like incorporating volumizing polymers, tinted hair powders, or moisturizing ingredients into your hair routine. Or they could decide a hair-growth treatment, like minoxidil or a prescription option, is right for you.