How To Start A Water Purification Business In South Africa

How to start a water purification business in south africa

Below is How To Start A Water Purification Business In South Africa

There are different methods of purification of Di-hydrogen monoxide depending on the amount to be purified and its use. The main aim of H2O treatment is to remove all the components that are not wanted. There are several ways of purifying aqua. They include:





Water Purification Systems

There are also several water purification systems such as:

Reverse osmosis purification systems

Reverse osmosis is the most efficient method of water purification.

It is capable of removing 90% of all the dissolved solids, 100% of all organics, and 100% of bacteria.

Ultra Violet System

UV systems are another example of water filters in South Africa that remove contaminants.

It is a two-part system: the aqua is pre-filtered to remove dust, enters a second chamber to remove sediment chlorine, and is then passed through an ultra-violet germicidal lamb that destroys 99% of the bacteria.

Water Softeners

These softeners are other forms of water purifiers in South Africa.

They vary in size depending on the amount to be purified.

High pressure and low-pressure systems are all available.

Other systems of H2O purification include:


Dosing Systems



How do I start a bottled water business in South Africa?

Market Research. It’s important to do market research for your bottled water business.

Write a business plan.

Register your bottled water business.

Registration with health regulatory agencies.

You need a place to operate.

Get a Bottle Supplier.

What do you need to sell water in South Africa?

The label must contain the following: The name of the product, which shall be ‘natural mineral water’ or ‘natural spring water’ or any appropriate name indicating the natural condition of the water. The physical address and the name of the source.