How To Speed Up My Laptop In South Africa

What does it mean to Speed Up My Laptop?

Laptops with insufficient memory can struggle to keep up with even the simplest tasks. 

Upgrading your RAM will instantly increase the speed, performance, and responsiveness of your system, making multitasking much more seamless.

How To Speed Up My Laptop In South Africa?

Adjust Your Power Options.

Uninstall Programs You Don’t Use.

Adjust or disable graphics and animations.

Additional Speed Issues with Windows 10 & 11.

Try a Different Antivirus Program.

Stop Programs Running on Startup.

Run a disk cleanup.

Delete Unnecessary Files.

Delete Unnecessary Files

Check for Malware

Restart your Browser

Update Windows Drivers and Apps

How do I clear the RAM on my laptop?

Restart Your Computer.

Update Your Software.

Clear Your Cache.

Try a Different Browser.

Remove Browser Extensions.