How To Open A YouTube Channel In South Africa

How To Open A YouTube Channel In South Africa

Have you ever thought about starting your own YouTube channel? With this step by step guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about starting your own successful YouTube channel and make money from it!


Youtube Setup Equipment

Get yourself a good quality camera to do your Youtube videos with. Your camera should be at least 1080p. It will be helpful to look for a camera with a flip screen.


Sound is almost as important as video. Viewers will be less interested in your videos if you don’t have a clear sound or you have too much background noise.

Soft boxes

These are a great investment if you want to create some clear lighting for your videos. Natural lighting works but it can be tricky.

Ring Light

You can use a ring light instead of the soft box. The main advantage is that it’s more affordable and takes less space.


You need a tripod in order you hold your camera.

Editing software

Some of the best video editing software include Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Vegas Pro and iMovie. To improve the way your video appears, there are a lot of graphics and media to add to
your videos to produce professional quality visual effects. To differentiate your brand, you should create a high quality logo which will help to increase your subscribers and deliver the message of who you are and how can you help. The logo should be included in all your social media platforms content as well.

You’ll also need a YouTube video introduction. This is a short video that normally acts as opening credits. It should be helpful to set the tone and welcome people to your channel. Just few seconds and nice music will do the trick and help to create the mood.

You can also find free stock footage for YouTube. These are videos that you didn’t create but which you have permission to use. You may use royalty free images to illustrate points you’re making.

How to start a Youtube channel:

  1. Create your Google Account:
  2. Go to and sign in.  
  3. Give your Youtube channel a name and click “Create”.  
  4. On your main channel page, edit your channel art and thumbnail.
  5. Upload videos to Youtube.

How to start making money on Youtube

  1. Open an AdSense account:
  2. Join affiliate programs.
  3. Get sponsors.

How much does it cost to start a YouTube channel in South Africa?

Starting a YouTube channel doesn’t have to cost anything. All you need is a Google account, a smartphone, and free editing software. When your channel starts growing, you might want to invest in some more powerful editing tools, as well as keyword research and analytics tools.

How much can a YouTuber make in South Africa?

Typically, South African YouTubers can expect to earn between $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view. This translates to roughly $18 (R300) per 1,000 ad views. However, it’s important to note that these are estimates, and actual earnings may fluctuate.