How To Make Money From DJ Mixes In South Africa

How To Make Money From DJ Mixes In South Africa

What is DJ Mixes?

A DJ mix or DJ mixset is a sequence of musical tracks typically mixed together to appear as one continuous track. 

How To Make Money From DJ Mixes In South Africa

 Want to share your mixtapes and livestream legally, and maybe even make some moey from them? One way to do so is with Mixcloud Select.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell my DJ mixes?

If you just want to get your music out there, Mixcloud is a good place to upload to. If you want to get some money back, there are two services I know of. Beatport has service that allows you to upload and start selling your mixes (it’s called Beatport Mixes).

How do beginner DJs make money?

  1. 1: Rent out your gear. Got some kit?
  2. 2: Sell your skills and talent.
  3. 3: Set up your own parties.
  4. 4: Be a mobile/wedding DJ.
  5. 5: Sponsorships and Endorsements.
  6. 6: Selling downloads.
  7. 7: Physical Merchandise.
  8. 8: Corporate events.

Where can I submit DJ mixes?

  • Mixcloud. Mixcloud is the king of online mixtape sharing.
  • SoundCloud.
  • Online cloud services.
  • USB drives.
  • CDs or cassettes

Is it illegal to sell mixtapes?

It is legal to sell mixtapes, as long as the person selling them has not violated copyright law. If they have a copy of an album on CD and decide to duplicate it onto a cassette tape for sale, that would be illegal because they are violating copyright law by making an unauthorized copy of someone else’s work.

How do DJs Get Paid?

DJs earn money from performing, and those who produce their own tracks earn royalty money. Income from DJing can vary greatly, based on if you live in a major metropolitan area, how often you perform and how popular your chosen musical genre is.

Can I put my DJ mix on Spotify?

Spotify has added DJ mixes to its streaming platform, allowing DJs to add full-length mixes to the service.

How do I promote myself as a DJ producer?

  1. Define your DJ brand.
  2. Dream up your DJ name.
  3. Design your DJ logo.
  4. Put together your press kit.
  5. Build your DJ website.
  6. Order some business cards.
  7. Get social.
  8. Share your music.

How do DJs avoid copyright

  1. Mixcloud Live. As of April 2020, Mixcloud Live is the first online streaming service to offer 100% legal streaming for DJs.
  2. Twitch. As it stands, Twitch seems to be another platform that isn’t so heavily enforcing copyright restrictions.
  3. Beat the system.

Can DJs use any song?

The short answer to this is, yes. The main issue when it comes to DJs playing music is to do with licensing. Generally, the music licensing will be covered by the venue itself. This license covers all genres and artists i.e there is no type of music that is excluded from public performance.

How do I become a DJ in South Africa?

You can attend a DJ academy; the academy will teach you everything you need to know about being a DJ. The duration of your training is usually a couple of weeks and most academies cost between R10 000 and R20 000. This is probably the best route to go if you don’t have any mentor or someone close to you who is a DJ.

What qualifications do you need to be a DJ?

There are no certification or licensure requirements to become a DJ. How long does it take to become a DJ? It can take months of frequent practice to reach the level at which you can start earning gigs, and years of practice and performance to become successful.

What licenses do DJs need?

  • Copyright in the musical work (MCPS)
  • Copyright in the sound recording (PPL)
  • VAT.
  • Permission to copy your legally-purchased music onto any other format.
  • A tiered, flexible online payment system with costs dependent on how many tracks are copied within a one year time frame.