How To Create A Poll On WhatsApp in South Africa

How To Create A Poll On WhatsApp in South Africa?

Go to your WhatsApp.

Select the group you’re an admin in.

Click on the Attach Icon.

4. Click on the Poll feature from the list.

5.   Once you’ve clicked on the Poll, you would see a blank space where you can input the questions you want the audience to answer and some options.

‌6.  If you have inputted the questions and the options, click on the send button to send the Poll to the group. After sending it to the group, people would have the opportunity to click on any option they find interesting or that answers their questions

7.  If they’ve all selected the options they want, click on View Votes to see all who voted and what they voted for.

How do I create a voting poll on WhatsApp?

In the WhatsApp chat where you want to create a poll, click the Attach icon (a paper clip on Android, or a plus symbol on iOS). Select Poll. Enter your poll question in the Question field. Enter the options that people can vote for in the Options field.