How To Check If A doctor Is Registered In South Africa

Below is How To Check If A doctor Is Registered In South Africa

Go to the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s website:

Click on the area marked “access to the i-register”

This will take you to a query dialog that interfaces directly with the database of registered professionals.

How do I get a medical practice number in South Africa?

In order to receive a practice number, service providers need to do the following: Visit the PCNS website and download relevant application forms.

How many doctors are registered in South Africa?

As per the HPCSA database, in the year 2019, there were 27,579 male and 18,841 female doctors registered as ‘Medical Practitioners’. Of these doctors, it was assumed that 85% would be active and working in South Africa in 2019.

Can a registered nurse open a clinic in South Africa?

There are currently no additional legislative requirements for a Registered Professional Nurse to establish a private practice, other than current registration with the SA Nursing Council.

Who is the richest doctor in South Africa?

Patrick Soon-ShiongSouth African-born Patrick Soon-Shiong has been named the world’s wealthiest doctor. With an estimated net worth of R150-billion, he has revolutionized healthcare through his work in the medical field.

Which type of doctors are in demand in South Africa?

General Physician.





Sports Medicine doctors.



How do I become a nurse practitioner in South Africa?

Become a Registered Nurse. The first step to a career as a nurse practitioner is earning your credentials as a registered nurse (RN).

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

Gain Experience.

Earn a Graduate Degree.

Obtain State License and Certification.

Pursue Further Specialization.