How to Become A Sap Consultant In South Africa

An SAP consultant is a specialist who helps companies locate the right software to meet their needs. SAP is an acronym for systems, application and products and most SAP consultants specialize in one or two areas within the field of data processing: functional or technical.

What is the job role of SAP consultant?

SAP consultants are responsible for evaluating, designing and configuring computer systems and software to meet the needs of their employer or client. They ensure that the workflows for the computer system are optimized and work well for the end-users.

Is SAP a consulting company?

Since 1991, we have worked with global companies to implement some of the most complex process and technology solutions. Our SAP consulting teams stand ready to support your digital transformation.

Does Apple use SAP?

And while Apple doesn’t have a sizable sales force dedicated to selling to large companies, its partners which now include SAP do. SAP will still support Google’s Android some customer will prefer that but the iOS users will get more love. Large companies are steadily becoming more important to Apple.

How to Become A Sap Consultant In South Africa

What is a SAP Consultant?

SAP Consultant is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) either on the

Business/ sales


Development or


domains of SAP. The consultant provides advisory, recommendations, guidance, implementation help in their respective SAP domains.

Why SAP?

SAP (Systems Applications and Products) is the world’s leading provider of business software which specializes in industry specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

SAP is implemented in 9 out of every 10 Fortune 500 company.

SAP consultants enjoy a premium remuneration over their IT counterparts working in other technologies like Java, .net etc.

Types of SAP Consultant

1) Business/Sales Consultant – They try to win projects at customer end – without knowing much about SAP and without having much SAP skills:-)

2) SAP Functional Consultant – They are responsible for customizing SAP as per customer demand. They talk with developers to code custom ABAP programs as per client requirements.

3) Developer Consultant – They are responsible for coding ABAP/Java Programs

4) SAP Basis Consultant – They help in installing, maintenance and performance tuning of SAP servers and databases

Above are the major consulting roles found in almost all SAP projects. Depending on the nature and size of the project there may be other consulting roles as well such as SAP security consultant, SAP Techno-functional consultants, etc.

Skills required in becoming a SAP Functional Consultant

The skills expected of a SAP specialist Functional consultant vary with experience. But a fresher SAP consultant must have following skills that almost all employers look for –

Extensive SAP (module specific) knowledge.

Good Domain (Banking, Telecommunication, etc. ) knowledge

Good Communication and presentation skills. SAP consultants are often required to interface with the client and understand client’s requirements. A SAP consultant should be good in explaining technical information to non-technical people

Ability to work in Teams and good interpersonal skills.

Academic Background

Academic qualification required to become a SAP consultant — Any Under Graduate Course like Bcom, B.E., BSc etc. with any Specialization

Any Post Graduate Course like MTech, MBA, etc. with any Specialization

SAP Consultant Salary

A fresher SAP consultant salary in S.A starts from707040.03 to 883800.03 and the bonuses are from 14730.00to29460.00

The salary of a fresher SAP consultant in India is from RS 247,000 to RS 4,50,000 and the bonuses are from RS 10,000 to RS 15,000.

How to become a SAP consultant

From time to time we get emails asking “How do I become a SAP consultant.” Obviously, there is no one answer. There are many ways to enter the SAP market. Here are a few we can conjure  Obtain SAP Training & Certification. Choose a SAP module or SAP consultant course and get a certification from an authorized SAP training partner. SAP training is expensive, but it’s worth the investment

Join a consulting company If you have good business/domain knowledge (and want to learn SAP ?), you could consider joining an IT consultancy company like IBM, Deloitte, Infosys. etc as a junior SAP consultants job.

Join as a Trainee or in SAP support You can consider joining a company which has SAP implemented and work as a Trainee or support personnel. The company may later sponsor your SAP certification and training. The trick here is to find such a company and convince them to hire you.

Join SAP Project as a non-SAP person. Many SAP projects require skills outside of SAP. For instance, lots of projects require a data conversion individual. If you are good in database and SQL, you might consider joining the project and later teach yourself SAP.

How to get a SAP Certification? Cost, Eligibility Criteria & Exam

SAP offers various certification for different modules.

Certifications can be found based on the

  • SAP Solution (Like SAP Business One, Business Objects, ERP, Netweaver, PLM etc)
  • Your Role ( Development, Application, Technology)

As of today there are 220+ different SAP online certification courses on offer

Each online SAP certification has 2 levels

  1. Associate
  2. Professional – (Please be aware that the professional-level certifications also require several years of practical on-the-job experience and address real-life scenarios)
Types of SAP certificationTypes of questionsRequirementExam Duration
Associate certification80 multiple choice, multiple response and matching questions and answers_______3 hours
NEW- Speciality Certification40 multiple choice, multiple response and matching question and answersComes along in addition to associate exams90 minutes
Professional certificationof 80 multiple choice, multiple response, scenario based and matching questions and answersRequires project experience, business process knowledge and understanding of SAP solutions3 hours

Eligibility Criteria

For SAP there are no specific criteria if you are enrolling for basic modules of SAP like SAP SD certification; any graduate can pursue their career in SAP. However, some SAP ERP certification modules require relevant work experience in field like engineer graduate with relevant work experience of minimum two years can take a course in SAP MM, PP, and PM module while a commerce graduate or MBA can choose SAP FICO certification.

Registration for SAP certification

Since 2014 SAP certification vouchers are only available for purchased directly from SAP education. Pearson Vue is no longer accepting payments for the SAP certification cost.

Registration for SAP Certification exams taken at Pearson VUE

Contact your local SAP education department to register to your S-user number

Purchase a voucher from SAP education. You have to pay $500

Create a new web account if you don’t already have an account with Pearson Vue

Sign in to your Pearson Vue account and schedule your exam appointment. At the checkout screen, enter your voucher number in the space marked “Voucher/Promotion Code”

For few countries, online certification service is not provided and you have to call SAP where a representative will guide you through the process.

To register for SAP certification online, you have to visit the website

How to get SAP Certification?

Find the right level of certification ( Associate or Professional certification exam)

Start your search for your module directly in the certification web shop ( Select the country and language to get all information for your location

If you are new to SAP, use the options training and certification shop ( it offers a wide variety of training options to meet your learning needs, it includes e-learning courses as well

In order to get a better idea about which topics are important for your certification, you have to review the syllabus. On the certification site, you can find an overview of the related topics

SAP education also provides some sample questions on its site; these are actual questions asked during past exams. You will find these questions under certification details for each exam

To Learn SAP with SAP books is a good alternative

SAP learning hub general user guide allows to interact with SAP solution experts through a forum. It also offers multiple courses in various languages

In SAP exam be careful in using English words especially words like can, only, always, except

What qualifications do I need to be a SAP consultant In South Africa?

Prerequisites of Becoming an SAP Consultant

College graduation is a minimum requirement.

A degree in computer science or exposure to data/programming related jobs is essential for technical modules.

SAP Certification of the respective module is necessary and very important.

How much is the SAP certification in South Africa?

The cost of the TS410 SAP Certification course & examination for professionals is approximately R44 000 (excl. 15% VAT).

Do you need a degree to be a SAP consultant In South Africa?

SAP consultants typically must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the position, although some may qualify with an associate’s degree and relevant experience. Start by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field.

Is SAP difficult to learn In South Africa?

It is easy in theory but very difficult in practice. At certain age in your career, it may not be possible to maintain the same amount of passion in your career, due to socio, economic and physical reasons. But, by that time, you would have become a master in your own areas within SAP.

How do I get a job in SAP with no experience In South Africa?

Contacts: Try getting in touch with your friends and family who are already working in the same company or field. Utilize all your contact, if possible, find out as much as you can about the company, check out for the internal job postings that may have been rolled out. Attire: Go dressed properly for an interview.

Which SAP course is best for beginners In South Africa?

Quick Look: Best SAP Courses

SAP Simplified for Absolute Beginners by Udemy.

Learn SAP Course – Online Beginner Training by Udemy.

SAP Financials Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning.

SAP SD Training – in Plain English by Udemy.

SAP ERP Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning.

How do I become a SAP functional consultant?

All you need is a graduation and good knowledge on business processes of a company which I guess you can easily gather a few years of work experience. I’d say two years of work experience is good to begin a career in SAP. Recently SAP has extended their certification programme for the fresh grads too!

Are SAP consultants in demand?

All this feature makes sap best brand in ERP world. SAP jobs are always high in demand. Job Portals are flooded with SAP Jobs. As more and more companies are implementing SAP, demands for consultants are very high.

Is SAP a good career In South Africa?

SAP will solve the technical and functional principles of Businesses and it runs the business smoothly and seamlessly. SAP is one of the best ERP Technologies to regulate and process the functions of any kind of business.

Which is easy SAP or Java In South Africa?

Which one should I choose? As per the current scenario, there are equal opportunities for both Java and SAP ABAP. It entirely hinges on what role you want to be seen in Java programmer or SAP functional consultant. Despite that, finding a job in Java is easier, thanks to its broad application.