How Much Does it Cost To Advertise On A Billboard In South Africa

Billboard advertising is the process of using a large-scale print advertisement (a billboard, or hoarding to those in the UK) to market a company, brand, product, service, or campaign.

How Much Does it Cost To Advertise On A Billboard In South Africa

Of all the outdoor media types, these types of billboards are normally the most expensive (together with building wraps) and can range from around R20 000 per month to around R70 000 a month – depending on their geographical location, and how many people would see, or pass by, the billboard in question in any month.

How do I sell my billboard advertising?

For billboard owners, the best and most simple way to sell advertising space is to place an ad on the billboard itself.

If your location is prime, this may be all you need to do.

Place your phone number on the ad and let people know the space is up for sale.

Depending on how good of a salesman you are, it is also possible to convince a business to migrate their existing ad to your billboard after their current lease ends.

Location is not just about how close to the highway you’re billboard is placed, but more importantly the potential geographical audience in the vicinity.

What kind of market is the potential advertiser targeting as compared to where your billboard is located?

Does the competition have a large share of the advertising space available in the location? All these are factors should be considered when selling your billboard space.

Some advertisers would prefer to purchase a number of billboards countrywide to keep their message in the public eye.

Do you have the capacity to do this? If not, are there other billboard advertising companies you can partner with to fulfill the wishes of the client? Keep in touch with other professionals in the field and work out agreements in the event that such a scenario occurs.

How do you advertise on a billboard?

How To Effectively Use Outdoor and Billboard Advertising

6.1) Target your audience.

6.2) Avoid boring advertisements.

6.3) Make the information on the billboard visible.

6.4) Write short messages.

6.5) Choose readable fonts.

6.6) Design responsibly.

6.7) Keep the images on the billboard relevant.

What are the types of billboards and their sizes?

6-Sheet Billboards – these are the smallest outdoor billboards, with a dimension of 1.8 meters by 1.2 meters.

16-Sheet Billboards – these billboards dwarf an average person, with a dimension of 3.048 meters by 2.032 meters. This billboard is used where most people are passing-by to attract their attention and convert them into instant customers.

32-Sheet Billboards – these billboards are commonly displayed outside the store to catch the attention of the shoppers. It has a dimension of 3.048 meters by 4.064 meters.

48-Sheet Billboards – these billboards are commonly found on the side of the road, and it has a dimension of 3.048 meters by 6.096 meters.

96-Sheet Billboards – these billboards are the largest, with a dimension of three meters by 12 meters.

What are the disadvantages of billboard advertising?

It requires high manufacturing and installation costs.

External conditions directly affect the visibility of the billboard.

Billboards become a hazard, especially when there is a hurricane.

The prime locations where the billboards can be built are controlled by larger companies, and they are paying a high amount to occupy the space for years.

Drivers who are seeing the same billboard will eventually ignore it when passing by.

The message is limited in scope, and people need to visit a website to learn more about the company.