How Much Does a Paramedic Make in South Africa?

While paramedic salary in South Africa can vary quite a bit, we’re going to provide you with a few estimates to help you better understand what you can expect to earn while on the job.

It’s important to note, however, that your salary will vary significantly based on your region, as well as how many hours (or potentially, how much overtime) you work.

With that said, the salary of a South African paramedic can range from anywhere between R100,000 to R250,000.  Of course, there are some EMS workers who may earn slightly more or less than these numbers.

According to the website PayScale, paramedics in South Africa make a median salary of R149,451.

To put that particular number in perspective, that would equate to approximately $13,926.00.

You will also see some job ads state that they pay paramedics, Basic Ambulance Assistants and more on a per shift basis.  In that case, it may depend whether you are working in the public or private sector.

In cases like these, you may be paid between R450.00 and R500.00 per shift.