Holden Cars For Sale In South Africa

What is a Holden Car?

Holden, formerly known as General Motors-Holden, was an Australian subsidiary company of General Motors.

Founded in Adelaide, South Australia, it was an automobile manufacturer, importer, and exporter that sold cars under its marque in Australia. In its last three years, it switched entirely to importing cars.

Holden Cars For Sale In South Africa

2011 Holden CR8 CSV CR8 6.2 For Sale

Price: R 869 950

Is Holden a good car brand?

Both Fords and Holdens tend to be fairly reliable choices when it comes to safety. An NMRA report in 2019 identified the 2017 Holden Commodore and the Ford Ranger as among the top safest cars.

Is Holden reliable or unreliable?

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Of course, Holden is anĀ unreliable narrator, he’s a teenager, but it’s not like he’s an eyewitness to a murder, except that of his childhood, and that’s a poetic remembrance. His reflections are real, and that’s why we read the book.