GWM Cars For Sale In South Africa

What is a GWM Car?

Great Wall Motor Company Limited

Great Wall Motor Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “GWM”) is a world-renowned SUV and pickup manufacturer. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003 and the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2011.

GWM Cars For Sale In South Africa

2024 GWM ORA 03 400 Gt Ultra Luxury For Sale

Price: R 834 950

2024 GWM P-Series 2.0TD Double Cab LT 4×4

Price: R 799 900

Is GWM and Haval the same?

Great Wall Motors is the proud owner of leading brands – HAVAL, GWM, ORA, and TANK. ORA, a full Electric Vehicle, and TANK, a Hybrid Vehicle, are considered for the local market given the success experienced with P-Series and Haval.

Is GWM still in South Africa?

Africa – South African Regional Marketing Center

Established in August 2014 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Wall Motor Company Limited, HAVAL South Africa is responsible for sales, brand promotion, and after-sales service of GWM vehicle and auto parts in the South African market.