Gold trading permit in South Africa

If you want to conduct precious metal operations you need to obtain a mining permit from The South African Diamond & Precious Metals Regulator (SADPMR).

One of the core functions of the SADPMR is to facilitate the buying, selling, exporting and importing of diamonds through its Diamond Exchange and Export Centre (DEEC). The DEEC is a secure and controlled environment where goods are offered to other licensees, and plays a vital role in ensuring that unpolished diamond tenders are facilitated fairly to the local market.

Download Gold/Diamond Dealer Licences In South Africa

Application for Renewal of Diamond Beneficiation LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 576KB ]
Application for Renewal of Diamond Dealer’s LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 888KB]
Application for Renewal of Diamond Trading House LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 756 KB]
Application for Renewal of Precious Metal Benefiation LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 261KB]
Application for Renewal of Jeweller’s PermitDownload Document
[PDF – 192KB]
Application for Renewal of a Refining LicenseDownload Document
[PDF – 468KB]
Application for Renewal of Authorised RepresentativeDownload Document
[PDF – 192KB]
Application for Diamond Beneficiation LicenseDownload Document
[PDF – 362KB]
Application for Diamond Trading House LicenseDownload Document
[PDF – 201KB]
Application for CertificateDownload Document
[PDF – 271KB]
Application for Diamond Dealer’s LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 350KB]
Application for Diamond Research LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 273KB]
Application for PermitDownload Document
[PDF – 273KB]
Application for Authorised RepresentativeDownload Document
[PDF – 273KB]
Application for Precious Metals Beneficiation LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 272KB]
Application for CertificateDownload Document
[PDF – 247KB]
Application for Refining LicenceDownload Document
[PDF – 188KB]
Application for a Permit to ImportDownload Document
[PDF – 246KB]
Application for Jeweller’s PermitDownload Document
[PDF – 192KB]
Application for a Special Permit as Contemplated in Section 4(1)(e) or Section 5(1)(e)Download Document
[PDF – 250KB]
Application for Export ApprovalDownload Document
[PDF – 260KB]