Garlic Prices In South Africa

What is Garlic?

Garlic is a species of bulbous flowering plant in the genus Allium. Its close relatives include the onion, shallot, leek, chive, Welsh onion, and Chinese onion.

Garlic Prices In South Africa

Johannesburg Market

Johannesburg Municipality, South Africa:

Garlic (Box)R189.39kg

Is there a market for garlic in South Africa?

South Africa has a limited market for garlic and consumes only 3,000 tons of garlic per annum.

Figure 3 illustrates the volumes of garlic sold at the NFPMs as well as prices for garlic during the past ten years. South Africa is not a major garlic exporter.

Is garlic farming profitable in South Africa?

Besides onion, garlic is the most important bulb crop grown almost all over the world, including South Africa.

 A garlic farming business is a profitable business, providing income for thousands of entrepreneurs. Still, there are some essential factors you need to consider before venturing into this type of business.

Why are garlic prices so high?

Last year, the coronavirus outbreak forced China to curb its garlic exports, causing a shortage in the international market.

This led to an increase in garlic prices and helped Argentina to dispatch its production. However, in 2021, much of the harvest is still unsold because prices are lower than expected.

What is the health benefit of garlic?

Some studies show garlic could help fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, and protect against chronic disease ( 1 ). Given its many medicinal properties, people may also wonder whether garlic can improve sexual function or increase libido.

What happens when you eat garlic every day?

Garlic is highly nutritious and associated with a variety of health benefits. However, if you eat too much of it, it may cause side effects like bad breath, acid reflux, digestive issues, and an increased risk of bleeding.

Is it safe to eat raw garlic?

Garlic is usually consumed cooked but can be eaten raw, which is even better because the raw form preserves all its beneficial nutrients.

Most of the benefits of raw garlic come from an enzyme called allicinAllicin has anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antibacterial, and anticancer properties.

Is garlic a blood thinner?

Garlic is known to be a blood thinner due to its anti-platelet properties. Ajoene, a sulfur-containing derivative of garlic, irreversibly inhibits platelet aggregation,2, potentiating anticoagulants such as aspirin, warfarin, dipyridamole, and clopidogrel. The composition of the garlic supplement affects its potency.