Fully Electric Cars In South Africa

What is a Fully Electric Car?

All-electric vehicles, also referred to as battery electric vehicles (BEVs), have an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine.

Fully Electric Cars In South Africa

City Blitz 4-Seater Passenger Vehicle

The City Blitz 4-seater electric passenger vehicle is powered by a maintenance-free 7.5kW AC motor and 10kWh Lithium battery, providing approximately 160km of range, and is charged in just 4 to 6 hours.

The front McPherson independent suspension ensures maximum comfort and excellent road manners.

City Blitz Pickup

The City Blitz Pickup is the perfect sustainable and eco-friendly partner for your business, designed for ‘last mile’ deliveries and commercial applications, featuring a 1330mm x 1195mm x 295mm robust, open load bed capable of carrying 300kg, offering a variety of rear loading options of bulkier items and allows for easy access in small parking spaces and loading zones.

City Blitz Van Commercial Vehicle

The City Blitz Van features a 1380mm x 1195mm x 1000mm secure, covered rear load area designed for commercial applications with more precious cargo in mind.

Like all EV Africa vehicles, the City Blitz Van is an environmentally sustainable, fully electric vehicle that can be charged from a regular 220V domestic socket in 4 to 6 hours. Unlike small petrol or diesel equivalents, the City Blitz Van has zero emissions and can safely operate indoors. 

City Buzz 1 E-Bike

The City Buzz 1 electric bike/scooter 1 is ideal for commuting to work, and school, small ‘last miles’ deliveries such as pharmacy/medical deliveries, on-demand food deliveries, and more.

The rear box offers additional delivery or storage space and can be easily removed. Featuring a 60km/h top speed and 100km range as well as a 2 – 3-hour charge time and 25° climbing ability.

City Buzz 2 E-Bike

The City Buzz 2 electric bike/scooter is best suited for more robust commercial applications with an uprated motor and battery capacity, allowing for added range and a higher top speed of 80km/h.

With a maximum load capacity of 250kg (including rider) the City Buzz 2 E-Bike is perfect for delivery services such as pharmacy/medical deliveries, on-demand food deliveries, and more, whilst also catering perfectly for work, school, or general commuting. 

Are there any electric vehicles in South Africa?

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) constitute a minor but fast-growing segment in South Africa’s NEV market. In the first half of 2023, South Africa saw the sale of 502 BEVs, matching the total number of BEVs sold during the entirety of 2022. This suggests the potential for over 1,000 BEV sales in a single year.

How much is electric car cost in South Africa?

The South African pricing and model line-up for the new GWM Ora 03 are as follows: GWM Ora 03 300 Super Luxury – R686,950. GWM Ora 03 400 Super Luxury – R775,950. GWM Ora 03 400 Ultra Luxury – R805,950.

Are electric cars worth it in South Africa?

The study ranked South Africa as the 18th cheapest nation (out of 50) to charge an electric vehicle overall, with every 100km of driving costing just $1.94 (R36.71) worth of electricity.

In contrast, a comparable petrol vehicle was estimated to cost $8.09 worth of petrol over the same distance.