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Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories

Apply advanced textile application, manual skills and computer technology (CAD/CAM) to the manufacturing processes of a diverse range of fashion products.

MA (Design) Department of Fashion Design M8FD1Q

Brief description of programme:
The purpose of the programme is to educate and train researchers who can contribute to the development of knowledge at an advanced level. The Master’s degree is earned by completing a single advanced research project, culminating in the production and acceptance of a dissertation.

Admission requirements:
A relevant Bachelor Honours Degree a “professional” Bachelor’s Degree, or relevant Postgraduate Diploma, with sufficient preparation to conduct research with a recommended minimum of 60% for all final-year modules. A relevant Baccalaureus Technologiae: Fashion degree, with an average mark of at least 65% combined with a research methodology short learning component as recommended by a Status Committee and approved by the Faculty Board.

Selection criteria:
In addition to the minimum admission requirements as outlined above, prospective students may be required to present a portfolio of their own work to an interview panel. A portfolio would be requested if further evidence is required of a students’ readiness to conduct textual or artefactual research. In the case of textual research, the portfolio would contain examples of written research, and in the case of artefactual research a portfolio with design artefacts would be required.


​MFD9X01​Research Dissertation: Design
​MFD9X02​Research Dissertation: Design

Programme structureMinimum duration: One year full-time/two years part-time.
Maximum duration: Two years full-time/three years part-time
The research component comprises 100% of the programme.

Contact details: Name: Mrs Adele Maritz

Tel: 011 559 1126 / Email: