Extra Income Ideas In South Africa

What is an Extra Income?

Many people seek to earn extra money beyond their regular paycheck. These extra funds, or supplemental income, can help you achieve various goals, such as getting out of debt, saving for a vacation, or upgrading your living situation.

Extra Income Ideas In South Africa

1. Social Media Community Manager

A lot of small businesses wish to promote their brand on social media but don’t have the budget to hire an in-house strategist and community manager to handle public relations.

This is where you come in – to freelance and offer planning and strategy on how the company can reach more customers. You’ll also need to execute the plan and bring in more likes and engagement on social media to funnel potential customers into buying the service or product.

In fact, on this very same website, we work with a young social media strategist on a contractual basis to assist us in reaching a much more youthful audience.

2. Sell Unused Stuff

Sometimes, we have so much unused stuff sitting around the house for nothing.

Perhaps its time to make money by selling them – might not be much but its something to give you extra cash in the meantime.

3. Paid Surveys

You could participate in online paid surveys and earn extra cash.

A lot of people find this hard to believe but hopefully, this article will change your mind.

Companies such as Enlighten and SwitchedOn work closely with MultiChoice for Dstv in Africa to understand what clients want and prefer.

These companies then pay people to share their honest opinions about Dstv and what could be improved. They don’t pay a lot but a good side hustle that adds up to your monthly extra income.

One member on SwitchedOn won a voucher for R1000 while others earned between R100 to R200.

4. Join Bolt/Uber

If you happen to own a good sedan car, you stand a chance of earning a side hustle income.

Or rather, you have a PDP driver’s license.

Join Uber or Bolt in South Africa and start earning up to R8,000.00 per week.

Transport people before and after your normal job working hours.

5. Rent Space In Your Apartment

I’ve seen a lot of guys do this, renting out extra space (rooms) and sharing a kitchen with tenants to make additional income from the house.

Real estate is a huge industry in South Africa and if you can’t afford to purchase multiple properties, might as well rent extra space in the house.