Double Storey Extension Ideas In South Africa

What is a Double Storey Extension?

A double-storey home extension is where you add an extension to your house and then add a floor to that extension.

Double Storey Extension Ideas In South Africa

1. Single Storey Rear Extension

A single-storey rear extension is one of the most popular ways for people to add to their living spaces.

Often, single-storey extensions such as this are used to create a larger, open-plan kitchen and dining area – perfect for family homes and those who love to entertain and add a real draw when it comes to eventually selling a property, too.  

2. Loft Conversion

Loft conversions come in all shapes and sizes, from simple roof light conversions to full-on modular loft conversions, or those with substantial mansard roofs.

Whichever style you choose (something that will likely depend on your budget and the type of house you are extending), loft conversions are a great extension idea, adding valuable space without having to extend the footprint of a house. 

3. Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is a brilliantly cost-effective extension idea. Many people find that they no longer use their garages as somewhere to keep the car, and instead view them as storage spaces (or dumping grounds for all the stuff they can’t bear to throw away!). 

4. Above-garage Conversion

If you have an attached garage, it makes perfect sense to extend it above it. In fact, this is a very popular house extension idea, making use of existing foundations yet offering the potential for another bedroom, perhaps even with an en-suite bathroom if space allows. 

5. Side Return Extension

Side return extensions make sense for so many reasons. Firstly, they make use of the often wasted, narrow space that lies to the side of many terraced and semi-detached houses.

Secondly, they make creating a rear extension easy. And, thirdly, they often fall under permitted development. 

Is it cheaper to build single or double storeys in South Africa?

Double-story homes are generally more expensive to build, but they maximize space and can provide better views and increased resale value.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your specific needs and budget. It’s important to consider all the factors and make an informed decision that works best for you.