DKW Cars For Sale In South Africa

What is a DKW Car?

Das-Kleine-Wunder, from when the company built toy two-stroke engines) was a German car- and motorcycle marque.

DKW was one of the four companies that formed Auto Union in 1932 and thus became an ancestor of the modern-day Audi company.

DKW Cars For Sale In South Africa

Is DKW and Audi the same?

The DKW trademark is currently owned by Auto Union GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Audi AG which also owns the rights to other historical trademarks and intellectual property of the Auto Union combine

What happened to DKW cars?

Sold to Volkswagen in 1965, DKW became part of Audi and ceased production in 1966. DKW was known for being a reliable, well-built car.

The two-stroke engine is small, being under 1000cc, but provides adequate power to move this medium-sized car along very well.