Copper Coils Suppliers In South Africa

What is Copper Coils?

​The copper coil is commonly used in general plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry

Copper Coils Suppliers In South Africa

Maksal is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of copper tubing, copper extrusions, and profiles.

How are copper coils made?

Coils are made from insulated copper wire wound about a core or a pin. They can also be: coreless and self-bonded, i.e., the coil is bound to itself during the winding process.

Wound around a shape, such as a rectangle.

How long does a copper coil last?

Copper tube fittings offer many advantages in plumbing. They come in every range and size for copper tube applications.

They’re light, versatile, and resist corrosion, scaling, and UV degradation. They are maintenance-free and last a lifetime.